Welcome to the DSP by CAG web page.

DSP is an abbreviation for Digital Signal Processing. DSP is one of my big hobbies. I created several DSP related products that can be found on this site.


CAG is an abbreviation I use for myself. C and A are my initials and G is the first letter of my family name. My full name is Christiaan Gelauff. I was born in Oosterhout on 5 December 1973 in the Netherlands (Holland). Currently I am living in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands.


Navigation on this site is not perfect.


Choose a subject in the top frame (for example “Kyma”) and then click on one of the items in the left frame (for example “Introduction”). The content page should describe the item you have selected. In the content pages however, there can again be links to different content pages. This extra level in the content pages is not made visible in a tree (in the left frame).


The site is always under construction, so not everything could work perfectly. Please contact me if something is not working, as you think it should.


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