What is it not?

CAG Asy Releases is not a sound library! CAG prototype sounds should be seen as building blocks for creating your own new Kyma (sound) patches! By using your own imagination and knowledge of digital signal processing you can make new interesting sonic fantasies, a new live setup or just a DSP experiment.


There are “simple” examples provided for most of the CAG prototype sounds. The examples should help you in understanding what the parameters do and how the CAG modules connect to other CAG and/or Kyma prototype sounds.


Most CAG prototype sounds provide you features that are not provided by the default prototype Sounds of Kyma. Some CAG modules implement a complete (Kyma) unknown algorithm, while others just provide you with a reduced amount of processor resources for doing a similar (Kyma) known algorithm in full stereo. A lot of the sounds are also created to do digital signal processing experiments and for my self to develop new Sounds. Especially for those CAG modules there can be overlapping functionally with existing Kyma prototype sounds.


Are you the person who downloads yet again another copy of a “moog-like-synth” in a VST plug-in and uses only the presets? Then CAG Asy Releases are NOT for you!


Are you the person who cannot sleep, because you cannot stop freaking with parameters and trying new combinations of sounds? Than CAG Asy Releases are perfect for you!