CAG Asy Release 4

This release was already published on Tweaky under CAGAsyRelease4. I copied part of it here below.


Module table:

Module name

Short description


As constant2 but now with audio rate interpolation (thanks Kurt for the input).


Fn generator to make life easier. Most of my oscillators need normalized frequency (=Fn) for frequency control.


This sound can gain a signal. If the signal is boosted too much, it will wrap the signal instead of clipping it. This effect is used to create the Dsaw in RawSaw3.


Two separate 24 bit saw tooth signals for reading out a stereo Wavetable or just a stereo saw


Two separate Wavetable readers. Concatenated Wavetable’s can be indexed. This sound continues where the Kyma WaveTable sound stops.


Simple squared symmetrical distortion. From compression to linear to expansion.


Simple squared asymmetrical distortion. From linear to curved up or curved down.


Simple clipping gain with input offset. Used as duty cycle control in the demo song.


As Distortion1 but for higher valued signal the transfer returns to linear. A smooth zero crossing distortion is the result.


Simple soft knee clipping as can be found in AddHardLimit with fixed range = 0.5.


As Distortion5 with fixed range = 0.25.


A stereo feedback delay with LP+HP filtering and Distortion5. You have always wanted this delay!


Small stereo variable delays that can be used for phasor effects or time delay panning.


A second order allpass filter.


With Allpass2 a band pass or notch filter is made.


Stereo version of BandPassNotch, frequency control reduced to control rate.


A double version of BandPassNotch2, without the notching possibility. Use it to make vowel sounds.


Remarks about the sound modules


Run the Demo: DemoSongRel4.mp3

Creating the DemoSong yourself:

This release again a big demo! This time I went even futher then before. All demo material can be found in directory: DemoDumpRel4. Before you can run the demo, you first have to generate audiotracks/files. A default capy320 can not handle all the synths running at once, so sounds need to be cached.


Steps to succes:


1.      Run all DiskRecorder instruments in MakeTracks.kym as described in the Readme.txt. The resulting aif-files should be written in the DemoDumpRel4 directory. Set your capybara input-output delay to 3ms. (I am still not totally sure if this is needed). Open the DSP Status window to check the recording time is finished.


2.      After this you can start DemoRel4.kym.


3.      Now open a normal midisequencer and open DemoRel4.MID. Route your MIDI to the Capybara and play it!


This demo uses several sounds from release1,2,3 and 4 together with what is already available. (I listened to the demo song a zillion times now and I am still happy with it as a demo -- ChristiaanGelauff - 24 Feb 2007).


In case you hear sync problems with the cached tracks, just redo step 1 above.

Why did I make this?

Why not? It is not due to the overwhelming response of previous releases. It again cost me hours and hours of reading/programming and testing. Not only the asy-code, but also making the demo song took a very long time.

When making this demo, I finally had the feeling the Capy could do what I always wanted it to do. I still hate the fact I have to cache all the sound files, it is just not an intuitive way for creating a song. I could resolve this by buying some more DSP processorboards ... who will donate to me?

Some feedback: