CAG Asy Release 2

This release was already published on Tweaky under CAGAsyRelease2. I copied part of it here below.


Module table:

Module name

Short description


The complement of iiLowPass_1st_order; (Simple) 1st order HP filter(s)


A second order Low Pass (Direct from I) filter, with audio rate cut off and control rate Resonance


As VCO1 but less instructions


As VCO2 but this oscillator can handle stereo Wavetable’s


Cosine (on Left)/Sine (on Right) or Quadrature oscillator


As Twiddle1 but with Frequency and Amplitude Modulation inputs


As Twiddle2 but with Amplitude feedback


Run the Demo: DemoSongRel2.mp3

Why did I make this?

Due to the overwhelming response for Release 1 (... meaning none) I decided to make a Release 2. Maybe this release will give some more new features that will be usefull for any of you. It again cost me hours and hours of reading/programming and testing.

Some feedback:


-- ChristiaanGelauff - 28 Jan 2006