CAG Asy Release 1

This release was already published on Tweaky under CAGAsyRelease1. I copied part of it here below.


Module table:

Module name

Short description


Mono Pseudo Random Noise


Mono dither noise, triangular power distribution


Stereo PRN


Oscillator with audio input for frequency control


Mono Quantizer with lot of extra's (my first DSP sound)


Stereo cheap Quantizer


Stereo Down sampling (Sample&Hold) distortion effect


Simple 1st order LP filter(s)


This is an add function with smooth hard limiting


Run the Demo: DemoSongRel1.mp3

Why did I make this?

Somehow, I am very interested in DSP. It was an ongoing wish for me to make my own sounds from scratch. I must say this wish is pretty strong (I do not know why), because I would rather program "C" or "C++". Writing assembler for the Motorola really s....(pardon me) is not nice. In the Capy, one has almost no debug capability and the fixed number size is not fun to work with. With many hours spent reading the Motorola manual, Motorola docs from Internet, a document from C&K and off coarse looking at DSP code from and , I finally came to a point that I could write my own microsounds. When one masters this, one must also need to learn the nasty syntax of Smalltalk. I still do not like it. Is there someone among you, who thinks he is very good at it? I still like some constructions solved in Smalltalk. -- ChristiaanGelauff - 22 Sep 2005

Some feedback:

CAG: Oke, better negative response then none: Yes, I know the help is not that what you expect to get with ready to use programs. I will try to explain more with linked pages in the module table above. -- ChristiaanGelauff - 08 Oct 2005